started as the collaborative recording and song-writing project of two friends. Over the course of several years, the many-instrumented, genre-hopping record Tambien was recorded. Friend and engineer Scott Martin did the duties behind the mixer. Other friends were recruited to fill out a live band and several shows were played, and then everyone forgot all about it.

Years later, the stone was pushed aside and EP was resurrected... sorta. Today, we're a five (sometimes six) piece band with a more focused sound (the label that seems stickiest is "indiecana"):

  • Marc Davis: Drums, vocals, and the occasional trombone
  • Mike Cosden: Guitar, vocals
  • Tommy Scott: Bass
  • Gary Cosden: Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Jessica Cosden: Keys, things you shake, trumpet, and other sundry instruments
  • Andrew Bernard: Occasional guitar

NEW NEWS: Working on writing (100% done) and then recording (90% done) tunes for a new LP, hopefully to be released on vinyl! 


14 tracks. Name your price. Get it >

Live on WGCU

4 live tracks. Free! Get it>



Recorded over a span of several years, TAMBIEN was written by two friends interested in exploring song-writing. All instrumentation and vocals was played by Marc Davis and Mike Cosden and recorded by Scott Martin. TAMBIEN features 14 tracks, eclectic instrumentation, and a bit of genre-bending.


An interesting freebie-- a live set recorded on beloved local public radio station WGCU. It's interesting because it documents the first recordings of the band's expanded lineup (including pedal steel guitar, for example). It also features the talents of friend and local musician Rodney Woosley.


We're more than halfway through the song-writing for a new full-length record. Stay tuned!

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